🚨 The number one question I get! 

πŸ’° What is the ROI of social media?

πŸ“ˆ Now a-days it's easy to measure with statistics..

🚫 But those can get confusing! What is the real ROI?

Today social media should be look at as a prerequisite rather than an asset.. 

Everyone is on social media! 

The average amount of time people spend on social media is over 2 hours now.. 

Some people don't spend 2 hours actually talking to a real person 2 hours a day! 

They certainly don't spend 2 hours driving up and down the street your business is on.. 

Probably don't spend 2 hours reading the paper.. 

Almost definitely don't spend two hours googling your industry a day.. 

Social media is the only place that has this much attention! 

But obviously there is one problem.. 

The market is saturated.. That means that simply being on there isn't an advantage! 

Now today having a strategy and staying ahead of your competitors is the only advantage.. 

Remember when having a website for your business was icing on the cake as opposed a necessity?

Same thing will be true for social media and largely already is! 

It's just a necessary part of business now.. 

That means the only true ROI comes from you putting in time and energy! 

But as I said before 2 hours a day is spent on social media.. 

That gives you plenty of time to be seen if you create good content and have strategy! 

Combined with the fact that 70% of people today are on social media sites frequently.. 

This is the only effective way to now get your message out! 

These statistics are true in 2017 and the graph is only moving upwards! 

So what is the ROI for social media? 

The ROI of social media is your business still being around in the next 5 years.. 

When we spend 3-4 hours on average and 90% or more of people are on social media!