💵 How do you make money on Facebook? 

🚧 The answer to this question is always changing.. 

🔥 But I'll tell you what's working for me right now! 

Hint: Chatbot's and messenger marketing are in the gold rush state right now.. 

What's Working # 1: Contest's With Chatbots

Contests on Facebook have always been very popular to drive traffic and gain likes.. 

But now with Facebook only showing your newsfeed posts to less than 5% of your actual fans what is the point? 

Most social media managers will run that type of post to show good numbers to the owner. But you don't get anything from it. 

Running a contest with a chatbot can give you an immediate ROI with the long term upside being unlimited. 

Hook your contest up with a chatbot and give a promotion to each entrant. 

Set up "Seinfeld" messages to be sent 2 times a month! 

Set up "Promotion" messages to be send 1 time a month.. 

These messages will all get a 90% open rate! 

What does this mean? 

If you have 100 people on your chatbot 90 people will open it! 

Post it on your newsfeed and you may need more than 2000 people on your page to get that many opens. 

This is my number one for a reason.. It's insanely effective and this will not last long! 

Get on board now it's definitely the gold rush! 

What's Working #2: Live Video 

This type of content is still absolutely the best type of newsfeed post! 

Right now Facebook and Youtube are in a head to head battle for the live video platform.. 

That means Facebook wants to show everyone your live video posts! 

The organic reach for your live video posts are much much higher and the price per engagement when boosted is dirt cheap.. 

Take advantage of this now! Go live and explain your product/service.. 

Showcase a testimonial or just connect with your audience! 

This one too won't last forever..