🚧 How do you construct a social media plan? 

👷 Let me tell you it's easier than you think.. 

✅ Check these 5 things off the list and you're done! 

These must do things are best done in order.. 

Actually do them in whatever order you want! 

(Most of your competitors aren't even doing it) 

Step 1: Competitive research

First you should go to your social pages and website and just look around. What looks good and what could be improved? 

Then head to your competitors pages and do the same thing. Are they really good at one thing? Can you match them in that? Maybe they are missing things.. Can you take advantage of that? 

Step 2: Customer Research 

Create a customer avatar for what your ideal customer looks like next. Think about their goals, values, sources of information they follow. 

Make sure you really get into their shoes when you think about this. It doesn't give you any value if you write down what you think their goals/values and sources of info "should" be. 

There may be more than one customer avatar in your business. Be sure to make one for each of them. 

*My trick is to ask a customer if they would mind you interviewing them

Step 3: Before and After Map

Split a piece of paper down the middle and write before on one side and after on the other pole. (Do this once for each customer avatar) Then write what the customers life looks like before and after using your product. 

Think about things like What do they have? What do they feel? What does their average day look like? 

This will inform the marketing message you can put in front of your target audience. 

Step 4: Setting Up Your Campaign and Content 

Write on a piece of paper all the content you would like to create. Keep in mind you'll want to speak to your customer avatar like their a friend in most of your content. 

Then you'll want to come up with advertising that speaks to their before and after map. 

Content type posts could include things like blogs, explainer videos, content type videos or sharing of other content. What you use should be based on step one.. Where do you have the advantage? 

Marketing types should be based on step one as well.. But with a small twist of what is new? New type of ads are always the most cost effective.. 

But things like videos, contests or chatbot's are the great marketing types right now! 

Step 5: Testing and Optimizing

This is the stage that none of your competitors will be doing.. They hire a high school kid to post on their page and maybe run a few ads! 

But they don't have anyone who cares as much as you or I would about your business.. 

When you care you look at what works and double down and make more of that content! Then you look at what hasn't worked and ask why.. 

Most people will just continue to post what they "think" will work on social media! 

But professionals will be fully willing to throw out all 4 steps other than this one.. 

Professionals know it's important to be informed before they get into a venture! 

They also know that all that information is sometimes useless once you go into the marketplace! 

*The real message here is to let the market dictate what you do with marketing and that is how you'll win.