🎯 Don't know what a Facebook Pixel is? 

πŸ€ This could be the #1 game changer for your business! 

🌐 Take advantage of something you already own.. 

Have you ever went on your favourite non-social website.. 

Returned to Facebook or Instagram and noticed that websites ads following you around? 

Everywhere you go it seems like the only ads you see are for bigbassfishing.com or whatever website you were on.. 

That is a "Facebook Pixel" and it's the number one way big brands are marketing to you! 

They get a small piece of code from Facebook and attach it to their website.. 

This code attaches to you as soon as you land on the page! 

Then it remembers every page you've been on when you visited that website.. 

Creepy right? 

Maybe a little.. 

Marketers know that once you've been to the website you're much more likely to buy! 

So they put ads in front of you asking you to do just that.. 

Eventually after seeing that fishing lure 22 times over the next 3 month's you'll finally break down and buy! 

All for much much cheaper than if they boosted it towards their "Customer Avatar" who hasn't visited their website! 

Think of it like if you visited a store and they paid an employee to follow you around.. 

They would give you a small incentive to buy their product every time you went to the bathroom, got bored or a commercial came on T.V.

But they never got annoying.. 

Don't you think eventually you would want to buy that product?