πŸ’° How would I spend my first $100 on Facebook? 

βœ… Really it depends on the type of business you run! 

πŸ‘‡ Read more to find the game plan. 

Ask yourself these questions first:

1. Can you run some sort of contest for your product/service? 

Running a Facebook contest is the best way to get engagement and likes on a new page. Best case is if you can run the contest for your own product/service. 

Spend about $50 of your money over the month promoting your contest. (Preferably boost it with video views objective)

*Bonus objective is to hook up a Facebook chatbot to capture all these contestants as leads 

2. Do people including friends/family know what you actually do?

Friends and family are usually the first customers for a new business. Invite them to like your page then create a live video 2min or less "explaining" what you do. Then put a call to action in the description. 

Boost it for $25 with the engagement objective to "people who like my page and their friends" 

3. What do people who would want you product/service want? 

Connecting with people and getting them to engage on your posts will boost the amount of people who see your posts for free. Post a "Like or Love" post asking people to choose between two popular options. Boost this with the engagement objective to your target audience for $25. 

*This is how I would start with a local based business. The main objective here is to boost your contact list and your engagement on your posts. The return on the investment can be immediate through your contest by running a promotion for someone like a restaurant. But if you do a larger service (real estate, mortgage or auto repair) the return can come back over a longer term through running promotions and chatbot/newsfeed updates.