🌐 Do you need a website? 

πŸ–₯ They used to be a must have.. 

πŸ•Ά But a lot of cool social updates may be taking their spot!

Honestly I really do think you need a website in today's day and age. 

Mostly so you can put a "Facebook Pixel" and re-target to people who have visited your website. 

But do lead forms really work on websites? 

Now with Facebook and Instagram's "Lead Form" objective I think they are a thing of the past. 

People don't want to leave the Facebook app or site.. 

Facebook doesn't want them to leave their site either! 

"Lead Forms" run through your Facebook page are much cheaper than pushing people to a landing page! 

So yes in a certain sense you do need a website.. 

But really only so you can have a blog and a Google search result! 

Then use those people who land on your page and advertise to them on their favourite social site.. 

After all that is where they spend 90% of their time online! 

Don't waste your money on Facebook boosting your website to people.. 

That is the most expensive objective to gain leads right now!