Advertising usually sucks..  

Generally it's either in the way, salesy or just plain gross..

That’s why I like to point on stand out advertisers!  

These guys/gals are the greats..  They make us want to take part in their advertising!

"Steal" these ideas and put it into your own advertising!  Become one of the greats..  

Awesome Advertisement # 1

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.03.07 AM.png

Why This is Great:

SoFi found a great way to connect with the portion of their audience who are new families.  They created an ad that would look totally at home in your newsfeed.  Then when you follow their link it lands you on a page that feels the same and carries on the warmth.  

Also they give you an offer right on the main page that has the benefits + the small time commitment.  

This is a great segway into a lead magnet.

Awesome Advertisement # 2

Why This is Great:

I think most people are used to seeing a happy couple or a house and then a link to a mortgage broker’s website..  L & C used bright colours and something different than the norm.  That’s why I think this newsfeed ad is great!  

However the landing page doesn’t have anything to do with the ad at all!  That’s one thing I would change.  Put some cake on the landing page too.

Awesome Advertisement # 3

Why This is Great:

This advertisement actually isn’t at home on Facebook as it’s advertising alcohol sales..  But the framework behind it is right!  It’s using a coupon as a lead magnet to grab people’s email addresses.  

Creating a scenario where the business is giving something for free (which they will likely make money back on up sales) in exchange for contact information.  This allows them to build a list and send messages with events/discounts.  

Having this list is so important to ensure the long term success of any business.