Super Bowl commercials are the pinnacle of advertising..  

Full creative teams spend countless hours coming up with ideas for them!  

All of which no small business owner can afford!   

The good news is that small business owners can take advantage of those commercials..  

I took a look at the top Super Bowl commercials and broke them down into action items!  

These are things you can bring to your businesses marketing and have incredible success..  

Find the full video’s at the bottom of the article!  

T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial
(The Star Studded Event)

T-Mobile spent a tonne of money bringing in some of the largest stars for this advertisement.  Again something most small business owners can’t afford to do!  But you know what you can do?  

Bring in multiple “Micro-Celebrities” by finding them in your already existing network.  Find some people with a large audience on a social platform (300+ Friends) and see what it would take for them to be in some of your content.  

Sometimes you can get people to come just for a free dinner, others it may be worth spending a couple hundred dollars on.  The point is that you don’t have to be T-Mobile to find people to advertise your brand effectively on social media.

KIA Super Bowl Commercial
(The Emotional Connection)

KIA brought in a character who could be funny for their commercial which is always great.  But one thing they did most people missed..  They connected with how their audience really felt on a deep level!  

Most people buying a KIA are young adults.  They all have worries and are thinking bigger picture than ever before.  A lot of the causes shown in the commercial are real things KIA buyers would care about.  

Therefore by showing support for something their customers support KIA built a relationship.  Most small businesses are already supporting something their customers care about!  But they haven’t found a way to package and promote that without being salesy.  That’s the secret in this commercial.

Bai Super Bowl Commercial
(Connecting Old With New)

Bai used an amazing play on words in this ad.  By using Justin’s song that says the words “bye,bye,bye” they introduced something new by connecting it with something old.  Allowing them to stand out in the memory of their audience.


Everyone remembers the nostalgia of listening to that song..  But not everyone is thinking about finding a new antioxidant drink!  

They connected the emotion of that song to the new feeling of the drink.  This is something new business owners can easily do when introducing a new product!  Connect it with something their audience already knows.

Skittles Super Bowl Commercial
(The Play on Customer Testimonials)

Skittles always comes up with a fun twist in their commercials to make it memorable!  But if you look closely they always play on a fundamental marketing tactic as well..  This time they used customer stories.  

By introducing a bunch of simple characters (that we already understand) they are able to show who enjoy’s their product.  For example in this case the whole family enjoys Skittles but so do people who may not have a family!  

Small Business owners need customer testimonials..  But they also need a new way to show them!  The old text post or picture post is getting tired..  Make it fun!